Hair thinning can cause self-esteem and confidence to plummet, especially in women.
It is often classed as a low priority by doctors and so may be dismissed as ‘not an issue’, so compounding the feeling of helplessness and worry.

The vast majority of hair thinning issues are exacerbated by dietary issues. Modern diets are commonly deficient in sulphur-rich amino acids, which are the building blocks of hair and lacking in them is strongly linked to hair problems such as thinning, brittleness, weakness and excessive shedding. Getting the right amount of these proteins in to the body daily can be a challenge especially if you are vegetarian/vegan or don’t eat a lot of red meat/eggs or oily fish daily!

Taking Hairjelly hair loss supplement is an easy way to get the right nutrients for the hair into the body on a daily basis allowing the hair to increase natural hair growth and thickness as much as it possibly can naturally (without the aid of medication).

Hairjelly maintains and supports natural hair growth, has essential vitamins including biotin to help hair loss and hair to become thicker and fuller.


Hairjelly has been designed specifically to help fine, thinning and weak hair.

Hairjelly is a nutritional hair loss supplement containing a rich source of essential amino acids including biotin that are the building blocks of keratin, the protein that hair is made up of. This in turn allows the hair to grow at its natural optimum level.

The protein nutrients in the capsules are absorbed by the body and get into the hair follicle via the normal digestion process. This happens during the ‘Anagen’ (growing) phase of the hair cycle.

Formulated by Iain Sallis (one of the UK’s most recognized Trichologists), making it the ideal hair loss supplement for; fine hair, hair which is breaking, hair loss, limp hair, thinning hair and weak hair. Hairjelly is not a substitute for a healthy diet.

For best results take for a minimum of 3 months.

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Protein capsules for stronger, healthier hair growth.


As the Hairjelly makes the hair grow back stronger and thicker it allows you to stop worrying about your hair as much, gaining back the confidence robbed from you and to get on with your life!


In 90 days, you could give your hair a serious health boost!*

Why 90 days? It takes approximately 3 months for the hair to respond to any type of stimulant due to the way hair grows.

All you need to do is take Hairjelly protein capsules twice daily for three months.
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you buy 3 or more bottles.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.