Iain Sallis, Director of the Hairmedic Brand is one of the country’s leading Trichologists (hair specialist) with over 10 hair loss clinics throughout England.

Through his years as a Trichologist, he came to realise that there are a lot of people who want stronger or thicker hair and will spend a lot of time and energy on trying to get what they want through the latest fads or hair growth shampoos!

Unfortunately the fact is there is no ‘quick fix’ and some magical lotion will not do the job. The road to good quality hair starts with the very basic fact of ‘you are what you eat’!

Shampoos and conditioners can help mask poor or damaged hair, but if you want to do something about the actual quality of the hair you ‘produce’ you have to look at what your diet is like.

The hair is very hungry for nutrients, it’s the 2nd fastest dividing cell in the body (behind bone marrow). If your body is only slightly lacking in certain vitamins, minerals or proteins the body will divert these nutrients away from the hair towards the more ‘vital’ parts of the body. This is when we see changes in the hair cycle.

It was this problem which prompted us to formulate Hairjelly to give the hair everything it needs for optimum hair growth

Iain explains the benefits of taking the Protein Supplement, Hairjelly!