Hair loss vitamins for Women

Hair thinning for women can be especially upsetting and so taking the right supplement is paramount to healthy hair growth.

Iron and protein is probably top of the list for what women are most deficient to when it comes to hair loss problems.

The protein deficiency usually comes from a lack of the right dietary intake, red meat, oily fish and eggs are usually not consumed daily, so the sulphur based amino-acids that can stimulate hair growth are lacking.

Hairjelly® has been specially formulated to include the specific sulphur based amino-acids that are most needed for healthy hair growth (Methionine and Cystine).

Iron is also very important as women are commonly low in ferritin (their deep iron store) which is a main contributing factor for hair thinning).

So why does Hairjelly not include Iron?

This was not a mistake, but a calculated exclusion by Iain,

Iain said “The reason the very important mineral Iron was not included is that if a woman is low in Iron then the usual 14µg per day allowed by a dietary supplement would simply not be enough to raise the ferritin levels as Iron is notoriously hard to absorb.”

If you suspect your Iron to be low, speak to your GP and ask for a blood test to be performed, if Iron is found to be lacking the GP would prescribe you a supplement which is about 200mg of Iron per day rather then the ‘therapeutic dose of 14µg per day…. a HUGE difference!”

“We can concentrate on the protein intake, this is readily absorbed by the body and can make a massive impact on hair health, if anemia or low iron is thought to be the problem, you don’t need an off the shelf remedy…. you may need to seek medical advice”