Hair Supplement Solution

When a person is concerned about hair thinning or hair loss, people do tend to reach for the nearest thing on a shelf without considering what the product is actually for?

There are many vitamins and minerals which are considered “healthy for hair”, but, this is quite a vague term (after all water can be classed as good for your hair, as without it you would die and your hair would stop growing!)

There is a difference between a nutrient being good for the hair and the same nutrient being right for your hair thinning issue.

Taking a product with loads of different nutrients in it (the blunderbuss approach) has two problems:-

The manufacturer only has a finite amount of space to add these nutrients into, so if a product has loads of ingredients, they will be there only in small quantity’s.

Some vitamins/minerals are counter active when taken together (e.g.: Iron cancels out Zinc) so many of the nutrients may not even be absorbed properly.

My other piece of advice would be to ask “who are the people who put this product together”? do they know their stuff, is there scientific research to back up their claims?

Many hair loss supplements are made by companies who do not deal, nor understand hair loss issues, they may have good laboratories which can advise what is ‘good’ for hair generally, but do they deal with hair loss problems day in day out?

This is why we are different.

Hairjelly® has been developed from years of research regarding hair loss problems from one of the UK’s leading Trichologist Iain Sallis.

We only put the best nutrients at the most optimum levels to maximize the hairs capacity to grow naturally.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.