Our Story

Years ago, if your hair was causing you concern, being weak, brittle or simply not looking as good as it once was, then you were told to eat jelly!

Jelly used to contain animal gelatine (the modern day jelly you buy now is made from a vegetarian substitute…and that’s why today’s jelly is not a good protein source)

The animal gelatine of old used to contained all the fantastic ‘sulphur-rich’ amino-acids the hair (and nails) required to grow healthily…not only that, such a rich source of protein could make the hair grow at its ‘optimum level’, which is to say an increased level of growth and thickness if your diet has been lacking ‘good quality’ proteins of late.

Our modern diets have very little ‘quality’ protein compared to what we used to eat, some of the proteins we eat are poor in the ‘sulphur rich’ amino acids required for good hair growth.

So, we designed ‘Hairjelly’ to mimic the animal amino-acids found in animal gelatin (hence the name) making it a natural hair ‘super food’!

We did say mimic – Hairjelly is 100% vegetarian.